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I'm tall , some people finde me handsome, I have long darkhair (not really long, just longer than usual) My parents are very rich, but they fight a lot so prefer hanging out with people from working class. She was chubby, had short red hair and she was always dressing fashionable ( those clothes were a little bit to tight for her) One day, she heard some of that stuff, and forced us to stay after classes to clean her lab up


. -What son? -Please put some pants on. . She stared, wide-eyed, at some unknown point far off in the distance. He leveled his wand at the black-haired wizard and screamed “AVADA KEDAVRA!” Just as the Patronus was the embodiment of pure joy, the Killing Curse was pure hate – to cast it properly, someone had to hate their target enough to kill them

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“Or anything that involves urine and/or vomit, as well.


She told me that she wanted me to shave her again, and that she wanted to trim me up, as well. Then, she gently pulled on my sack and started to shave the scrotum Swinger Mutter Wurde Von Ihrem Stiefsohn Mit Handschellen Gefesselt... . After trimming everything down to nothing, Kelly had me move into the tub, where she ran some hot water to warm up what was already there
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